Guard House Trailer Mounted Bullet Resisting

Model #LBI 68T BR4

Guardhouse Bullet Resisting Trailer Mounted

Trailer mounted guardhouse with bullet resisting construction give you the mobility you need with the protection you must have. These 6' x 8' units are mounted to a dual-axle trailer complete with brakes, leveling jacks, porch with railings and swing-down step, running lights, and treadplate deck. Electric features include 25' extension cord (optional diesel or gas generator available) circuit box, fluorescent light, wall plug, roof mounted air conditioner, and wall heater. Swinging steel door with heavy-duty hinge, panic bar, and glazing included. Bullet resisting levels range from UL 752 Level I to Level VIII.

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Guard House Bullet Resisting Trailer Mounted Model #68T BR4
Guard House Bullet Resisting on Trailer guardhouse Bullet proof trailer
LBI 68T BR4 on truck
Optional Power Cord Disconnect
Porch, step, leveling jack

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