Guard Shack

Model #46

Guard Booth Standard 4' x 6'

Need more than just a catalog guard house?  Need something that will last longer than a do-it-yourself kit?  Come to the experts at Little Buildings, Inc. where we manufacture the Best Little Buildings on the Planet!   Don't be dissatisfed with a cheap product that won't hold up, get a dependable, rugged yet functional guard house direct from the manufacturer, Little buildings!

This standard 4' x 6' guard house or parking booth building is not your run-of-the mill guardhouse found in wholesaler catalogs. It is built of welded, galvanized steel, factory assembled and shipped set up. They are tough and withstand constant use. At site just set, connect, and use!

Little Buildings brand guard house features include 4" elevated treadplate floor, 3" canopy overhang hiding sloped roof, one sliding door with maximum security hookbolt lock, interchangeable key cylinder outside with thumbturn inside, clear tempered safety glass windows, steel work counter with storage drawer, insulated walls and ceiling and enamel paint.

Electric features included in your guard shack are heater, fluorescent light, ground fault outlet, and circuit box with main disconnect. Optional air-conditioner/heater provides year-round comfort. Would you like us to ship this guardhouse to you as soon as possible? Just give us a call and see if we have one in stock at 1-888-55 BOOTH (1-888-552-6684) or email 

GUARD SHACK Model #46 4' x 6' standard building

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