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Guard Shack
Guard Shack with Metal Roof

GUARD SHACK 8'x10' with Ready to Brick and Standing Seam Roof

Guard Booth Model #810R2B-SSR, Guard Shack 8' x 10' Ready-to Brick with Standing seam roof


Often our best customers first thought of building their new guard shack from scratch.  Then when they found out how long it would take to build and the inconvenience of having the driveway blocked off, they came looking for a Little Building totally assembled.  This unit is available in many different sizes.

Installed at a military base, this guard shack needed to be tough to hold up to rough use.  Bullet resisting construction was not a requirement but they needed a little building that did not look ordinary.  A bronze paint color was selected for the unit and a gray roof which matched a main building close by.  We were able to provide that "built at site" look with the ease, convenience, and cost savings of a guard shack that is pre assembled.

Features include standing seam metal roof, swing steel door and customer installed brick. Shipped to site completely assembled except for the brick. Unit has the optional "ready-to-brick" exterior, standing seam roof, swing steel door with lever handle lock and hydraulic closer, as well as tinted insulated glass. Electric features include wall mounted heater-air conditioner (optional), energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, exterior floodlights (optional) electrical outlets, and all wiring to a wall-mounted circuit box with breakers. At site just set, connect, brick, and use!

Each Little Buildings, Inc. Guard Shack is built from scratch in our own USA factory and shipped by truck.  We can easily move the door location, delete the brick, or provide bullet resisting construction.  We can add features you may need like phone and data outlets, insulated glass, warning sirens, extra shelves, CCTV Monitor mounting brackets, panic buttons, and much, much more!

Contact a Little Buildings representative by calling us toll free at triple eight, double 5, BOOTH (888-552-6684) for a no obligation quotation or to discuss your specific guard shack requirements.  You can also fill out our contact form below.  Thank you!

Some optional and customer installed equipment shown.

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