BOX OFFICE Model #824 TKT custom 8'x24'

8 windows can help move patrons quickly to their seats! Steel shutters allow security during non-event times.

Ticket Office LBI 824 TKT

Ticket Booth 8-Window by Little Buildings 8'x24'

Manufactured to order for a major university on the West coast this eight window ticket booth was just the "ticket" for the athletic department to meet their fans' needs for rapid ticket sales. Nothing discourages fans more than having to wait in long lines to get a ticket thus missing the first quarter of the game! At Little Buildings we like to say "get them in their seats faster and happier!" Give us a call and see how we can help meet your ticket demands!

Standard features on this model include all welded steel construction with galvanized panels, eight ticket windows, interior shelf, swinging steel door with hydraulic closer and "peep" hole, galvanized treadplate floor, 3" canopy overhang, tempered glass, 6" channel base, insulated walls and ceiling, paint in one color of choice. Cash windows include anodized aluminum speak tubes and hinged money slots. Electric features include Ground fault interrupt electrical plugs, fluorescent lights with lenses, heater, and all wiring to a wall mounted circuit breaker box with main disconnect.

Optional equipment shown includes roll-down galvanized steel shutters, exterior lights, handicap accessible windows, two-tone polyurethane paint, forklift slots, exhaust fan,locking cash drawers, stainless steel inside counter, communication outlets, steel rib reinforced door with mortise lockset, roof mounted air conditioner, and extra shelving.

Other optional equipment available include dimming interior lights, electronic speaker tubes, roll-down sunshades, digital signage, graphics, anti-fatigue matting, and many others. Each Little Buildings starts from scratch so we can build exactly what you need from scratch!  How can we help you?

Contact us at 1-888-55-BOOTH or fill out the contact form on this page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Some optional features may be shown

Need A Portable Box Office?

Easy cash slots allow for easy transactions of paper and coin! Cash slots for faster transactions
8 windows can help move patrons quickly to their seats! Steel shutters allow security during non-event times. Little Buildings Model #824 TKT, eight window ticket booth
Optional locking cash drawer with hinged money weights and coins trays. Trays are removable. Optional Cash Drawer
Open only some of the windows for lesser events while protecting other unattended windows. Portable Box Office with roll-down shutters
Ticket Booth Secure blank windows and door with peep hole in the rear allow for higher safety. Ticket Booth #LBI 824 TKT Rear view
Ticket Booth All Steel shutters closed to protect ticket windows. Ticket Booth Model #824 TKT with optional shutters
Under counter cash drawers allow quick cash changes while phone and data raceway allow for multiple credit card transactions! Under counter view showing cash drawers & data outlets

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