Guard House Bullet Resistant

Guard House Model #78 BR8

Guard House Bullet Resistant Pre assembled 7' x 8'

Built for the military these units can withstand shots from a 7.62mm automatic weapon. Note the gunports in the sides which enable the personnel inside to return fire. Units can be built in almost any size that we can fit on a truck. These buildings were assembled in a hurry and were flown by military transport to one of the world's hot spots. Little Buildings can meet military specifications and is listed with the General Services Administration (GSA) as an approved manufacturer. Can we build one for you? If you have questions, please contact us at or call toll-free at 1-888-55 BOOTH



Some optional equipment may be shown

guardhouse Model #78 BR8 bullet resistant
Model #78 BR8 in production room
Model #78 BR8 on truck

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