Guard House Bullet Resistant UL 752 Level I 5' X 6'

Guard House Bullet Resistant Model #LB 56BR1,


Guard House Bullet Resistant - There is no such thing as "bulletproof" because there is always a bigger bullet.  However, there are bullet-resistant levels that are established by UL that mandates what type of bullet each level should withstand.  From Level I small arms up to assault rifle Level VIII, our little buildings can be ordered to different protection levels to meet your needs.

Built for the military, the pictured unit is a slightly modified standard building. It has the sliding door in the rear rather than the side, Built of tough welded steel, the unit will withstand multiple shots from a 9mm handgun. Sizes are available up to 10' x 24' with ballistic ratings up to Underwriters Laboratories UL752 Level 8. Contact us for a quote for your installation!

Guard Shacks with a Restroom

56br1 pic1

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