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Guard Shack preassembled made in USA

Guard house Model #610

Pre fab Guard house 6' x 10'

Our customer was looking for a quality product at an affordable price.  The building at the site was too costly and messy, so they chose Little Buildings for their solution with a quality totally pre-assembled guardhouse built of tough, welded galvanized steel!  With over 16 years of design and manufacturing experience, you know you can trust a guardhouse from Little Buildings, Inc.

Built for the main entrance to a major pharmaceutical company this guardhouse serves as a checkpoint at a visitor entrance. Features on this standard guardhouse include a work counter with storage drawer, sliding door with a maximum security lock, 3" canopy overhang, tempered safety glass windows, galvanized steel treadplate floor, paint in the color of choice, insulated walls and ceiling, built-in gutter system, sloped roof, and one year warranty on parts and materials.

Options available are almost unlimited and include anti-fatigue mat floors, intercom systems, additional countertops and cabinetry, insulation under the floor, energy star air conditioning, and roll-down galvanized steel security shutters.

What do you need to harden your entrance? We offer bullet-resisting units too. Give us a call or send an email and let us know!  Don't be fooled by imitation low-quality competitors.  Confidently select Guard houses from Little Buildings, we are the experts!

Guard houses from Little Buildings can be modified to meet your exact needs.  Mark up one of our drawings and send it back to get it built your way! Guardhouse 6'x10' Model #610
Guard Shack preassembled made in USA Model #610

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