Guard House on Trailer 8'x10'

Security Shack Model #810 TRLR NAS 8'x10' trailer mounted



This trailer mounted Guard House is used by the military at an airbase by their fire control department. Options are shown: Diesel generator has electric start, 10 hours run time, and a sound-deadening package that makes it barely audible inside the building. Weather resistant enclosure helps keep gauges and connections dry.

Featuring extra insulation for sound deadening, bright orange paint for visibility, tinted insulated glass, and steps. Little Buildings Guard Shack with Trailer up to 8' wide can be trailer mounted. Trailers include corner leveling and tongue jacks, running lights, and ball or pintle hitch. Some models are meant to be used on secured facilities and have a maximum towing speed of 25MPH while other Little Buildings Guard Booth on Trailer are suitable for highway use. Be sure and mention Model #810TRLR when requesting information on this product.

Guard House Trailer Mounted Model #810TLR-DG
Guard House trailer mounted 8'x10' with steps guard house Trailer mounted with optional steps
Guardhouse with Trailer and diesel generator
Security Shack Model #810 TRLR NAS 8'x10' trailer mounted Security Shack Model #810 TRLR NAS

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