Guard Shack with Restroom

Security Office with Restroom 1

Model #96222R

Guard House with Restroom comes fully factory assembled ready to set, connect, and use!

Why has your guard left their post to use the restroom wasting time and money?  Order a new Little Building guard shack with bathroom (restroom) saving you time and money!

Handicap accessible guard shack with restroom complies with federal handicap accessibility codes when a proper ramp is provided to the door by others in the field. Standard features for a Little Building Guardhouse with Restroom include all galvanized steel welded construction for rugged use, bathroom partition with swinging aluminum door and closer, mirror, coat hook, paper towel holder, and grab bars.  

Plumbing fixtures shipped in loose boxes for field installation by your plumbing contractor. Treadplate steel floor on a 4" elevated base is standard or, ceiling and restroom floor is insulated with glass fiber insulation.  With a guard shack with a restroom, you can select floor options including aluminum tread plate, rubber tile, or sheet vinyl surfaces.  

Swinging steel door with commercial duty hydraulic closer and safety glazing help complete this guard shack with bathroom.  Pre-cut holes in the floor allow you to set your new Little Buildings Security office with restroom over your pre-set plumbing and electrical stubs.  Choose your paint color from our large color chart to complement your company, school, or military scheme.  Need your unit customized to meet your location requirements?  NO PROBLEM!  Our in-house design and engineering staff will work with you to get you the guardhouse with a restroom that best suits your application. See additional guardhouse with restroom options.

Optional features on this guard booth with bathroom include restroom partition, door, and fixtures (shipped loose) dual air conditioners, tinted insulated glazing, transaction window, waiting area, specially raised counter, half door with closer, and aluminum tread plate floor.  For high-security installations, we can help you with a Bullet Resistant Guard Shack with a restroom.  Bullet Resistant Guard House Levels range from UL level I to level VIII.  Contact us for further information on Bullet Resisting Guardhouse features including a free bullet threat chart or go direct to our bullet resisting guard booth page.  

Guard House Bathroom Guard House with Bathroom
Guard House with Restroom Guard House With Restroom
Security Booth with Bathroom Guard House With Restroom
Guard Shack with Bathroom Guard Shack with Bathroom
Security Office with Restroom 1 Guardhouse With Restroom 1
Pre assembled Guard Shack with bathroom Guardhouse with restroom on truck
Transaction Window Optional Security Booth with Restroom and transaction Window
Transaction Window Optional Security Booth with Restroom and transaction Window
Security Shack with Toilet Security Booth with Toilet
Security Office with Bathroom Interior view Security Office with Bathroom
Guard House with Restroom Security Office with Restroom
Security Shack with Bathroom Security Shack with Bathroom
Security Shack with Restroom Security Shack with Restroom

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