Guardhouse Stand Mounted 4'x6'

Guard House with Stand

Guard House Model #LB 46P2S Panorama

Guardhouse with Stand 46P2S

Stand mounted PANORAMA series guardhouse with maximum visibility. This elevated guardhouse measures 4'x6'.  Guardhouse for sale, no rentals.  Shown with 3' high stand with steps, other elevations up to 8' high available. Used in a parking lot at a major city health care facility, the guard is elevated above most car tops for unobstructed visibility of the area under surveillance. Open grated porch and steps allow for maximum safety in all weather conditions.

Painted a rich green color (full-color selection available) it also features complimentary green-tinted glass for a great look! The optional double stack canopy is a nice feature and serves to conceal the roof-mounted air conditioner unit. Standard welded galvanized steel ensures this unit will stand up to normal, rough usage.  Added stainless steel countertop will withstand up to keys, clipboards, radios, etcetera, and still look good.  The plastic laminate countertop also available, the standard is painted steel.  

This is the third unit Little Buildings has supplied to this customer.  They know quality workmanship in a great product when they get it and come back for more!  Let us have the pleasure of working for you on your first or next project.  We know you will be happy with the quality workmanship and materials you get for your money.

Guard House with Stand Guard House with Stand Model #46P2S
Guard House with Stand Guard House with Stand Model #46P2S 111201 PIC4
Guard House with Stand Guard House with Stand Model #46P2S 111201 PIC5
Guard House with Stand Guard House with Stand Model #46P2S 111201 PIC3
Guard House with Stand Model #46P2S 111201 PIC1

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