Model #915RR-C

Model #915 RR-C

GUARDHOUSE WITH RESTROOM 9' x 15' With ADA compliant restroom

Parking booth with handicap restroom.  More and more areas are requiring restrooms to be built into every little building. This model solves that problem with a handicap accessible restroom in the rear of the building.

Plumbing fixtures are shipped in loose cartons and need to be installed by a qualified plumber at your location. Pre-cut holes in the floor are provided for service entrances for electric, water, and sewerage. A paper towel dispenser, toilet paper holder, mirror, coat hook, and exhaust fan are all installed. A small heater with thermostat in the restroom assures plumbing fixtures won't freeze in cold climates.

Add two-tone paint, graphics or signage, lane control lights, and exterior lights for a more complete unit. We can provide additional shelving and wall cut-outs for your revenue control equipment if needed.  See additional handicap accessible restroom options 

Contact us today and ask us more about our restroom equipped buildings. We look forward to hearing from you!

Model #915 RRC
Model #915RRc
Restroom Booth 9'x15'

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