Parking Booth with Restroom 6' X 14'

Cashier Booth with built-in restroom for full-time service

Cashier Booth with restroom Model #614HCRR,

Parking Booth with Restroom

Parking booth with restroom built in serves a large international airport parking lot in Florida. Bearing Florida insignia  and complete with sealed drawings this unit met current hurricane standards.  Features include built-in restroom, tinted insulated safety glass, extra insulation package, high-efficiency heat pump, mini-blinds, handicap accessibility, and two-tone paint.

Restroom features include privacy door, mirror, exhaust fan /light, paper towel dispenser, toilet paper holder, handicap grab rails, coat hook, and plumbing fixtures. Fixtures are shipped in loose boxes ready for site connection by others after little building is set over your pre-set plumbing stub ups. Other options include larger canopy overhangs, anti-graffiti paint, cut-outs for fee equipment, and cash drawers. Ready to get started? Just contact us!

Cashier Booth with restroom and optional dark tinted lowE heat reflective glass.  Roll-down shades or mini blinds available for sun country! 614HC44 PIC4
Cashier Booth factory assembled with restroom 614HCRR on truck
Cashier Booth with built-in restroom for full-time service 614RR C
Welded Steel Construction for the toughest construction in the industry. Welded For Toughest structure

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