Parking booth Model #48C1E

Cashier Booth Model #48C1E-C

Little Buildings offers a unique 4' x 8' parking booth with one curved end!

Our customer wanted a different look than the average square corner parking booth.  Little Buildings, Inc. provided the anwer they were looking for with this great looking new design!  The curved front  window gives great visibility while the modern look is attractive to customers from the street.  

Curved on one end and flat on the other this unit gives a great look on the drive-up side while allowing a swinging door on the rear. Designed for use inside a cashier booth in a parking garage in the Southern US, the air conditioner is roof mounted and hidden behind the tall fascia.

Many design opportunities are available from Little Buildings, Inc. because we are the manufacturer!  Challenge us, we can build something special for you too!

Model #48C1E b
Model #48C1E end view
Parking Booth Model #48C1E

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