Portable Box Office 5 Window

Ticket Booth Model #520 SYR

Model #520SYR

A 5' x 20' Ticket Booth is the way to go at big events.

A major university basketball program needed a way to get their guests into their seats faster. The answer? A satellite portable box office ticket booth from Little Buildings! Featuring a lower window for their challenged patrons, roll down sun shades for operator comfort in late afternoon sunshine, and a standing seam metal roof this unit was a welcome addition!

Optional roll-down galvanized metal shutters provide security for the ticket booth / portable box office little building during off-season. Other available options include an exhaust fan, stainless steel counter top, locking cash drawers, data and phone outlets.

Each ticket booth from Little Buildings starts from scratch so we are able to modify our standard designs to meet your specific venue needs or design something from scratch especially for your requirements.  Call us toll free at 1-888-55-BOOTH or fill out the request for quotation form below for more information!

Why Ticket Booths Are Useful


Sorry, no rentals or leases available.  Optional equipment may be shown.

Model #520 SYR - Shutters closed for protection
Model #520 SYR showing shutters open for business
Ticket Booth Model #520 SYR Ticket Booth Model #520 SYR

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