Preassembled Box Office 8 window


A ticket booth with 8 windows is one way to keep the lines moving quickly.

When the Yankees needed to get more customers in their seats faster, they came to Little Buildings for a solution. Two satellite box offices were purchased adding 16 additional ticket windows. Situated on opposite sides of the stadium these units featured bullet resistant glass, anti-grafitti paint, electronic speaker tubes with recording capabilities, dual air conditioners, and roll-down shutters for security during the off-season. Custom stainless cash drawers were used along with data outlets to connect to a third party electronic ticket sales company.

We can custom build a portable box office for you too! Just give us a call at 1-888-55-BOOTH (1-888-552-6684) or email us at

Why Ticket Booths Are Useful

Model #824tkt NYY Interior
Model #824TKT NYY loaded on Truck for shipment
ticket booth Model #824TKT 8'x24'
View of Electronic speaker tubes/stainless counter

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