Preassembled Guard House 5' x 12'

Guard House with Round Ends

Guard Shack Model #512CE

Guard Shack with Curved Ends

Guard shack with round ends is a specialty from Little Buildings.  Definitely a departure from run-of-the-mill buildings, this is a unit that doesn't look ordinary and will elicit positive responses from visitors and workers alike!

While some competitors build a guard shack with round ends from flame supporting fiberglass, our is built from tough, roll-formed galvanized steel for the toughest guardhouse on the market!  Our years of experience building and designing these products assure that you get the best value for your money.

Located at an East Coast private airport, this great looking little building features curved ends for unobstructed visibility as well as a great look!  Standard features include the treadplate floor, sliding steel door with overhead rollers and maximum security lock, built-in steel work counter with storage drawer, fiberglass insulated walls and ceiling, and clear glazing.  Electrical features are energy efficient ceiling mounted fluorescent light with lens (not bare bulbs like some competitors, wall-mounted light switch, wall mounted fan-forced heater, GFCI electrical outlet, and all wiring to a wall mounted circuit breaker box with the main breaker.

Optional features included special metallic polyurethane paint for a long-lasting finish, tile floor, tinted glazing, and transaction window in the door. A rooftop air conditioner is hidden by the tall fascia.  Additional electrical outlets and a phone jack were included.  Other available options include a second door, rubber tile flooring or anti-fatigue mat, blank-out window areas for lockers or valet keyboard, and more too much to list here.  Contact a Little Buildings representative by filling out the request for quote form below or call us at 1-888-55-BOOTH!

Guard House with Round Ends Guard House Model #512CE
Guard House with Round Ends Model #512 CE

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