Press Box Preassembled 8'x12'

Press Box Preassembled

Press Box Model #812AB R2B,


Little Buildings preassembled press box built of welded galvanized steel. Sitting behind home plate at a city-owned baseball diamond it gets a lot of use!  Bricked at the site by others to match surrounding buildings.  We also offer a 1/2" face brick that can be factory installed, you make the choice!  Shipped to the site in one piece.  This unit could be used as a guardhouse as well.

Little Buildings makes preassembled buildings to order in almost any size we can fit on a flatbed truck.  Choose from one of our standard models and add your particular options or we can work with you to come up with a custom design to make your venue extra special!  

Optional features include a swing steel door, trap door to the site-built basement, roll-down shutters to protect windows when the game is over, and additional electric items to handle the public address system. Little Buildings worked with an architect on this project to bring the owner exactly what they needed to meet their needs.

Contact Little Buildings and refer to the model number you are interested in and let us help you too!

Some optional equipment may be shown.

Press Box up close to the action! PRESS BOX 8'x12' Factory built
Press Box Preassembled PRESS BOX MODEL #812AB R2B
Press Box Preassembled Press Box Rear view showing swing door

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