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With the precautions that the COVID-19 pandemic presented, many cities and organizations are continuously looking at ways to test for the Coronavirus or diseases quickly and safely. The swab testing booths here at Little Buildings, Inc. are safe, secure, and equipped for healthcare professionals to test people with a barrier outside the main facility reducing the risk of spreading.

Our prefabricated swab booths are made in our own in-house construction facility with welded, galvanized steel and other premium quality materials. Element Controlled, our products are customized to fit the needs of our valued customers and are sustainable for years of rugged service. Should your swab booths need transporting often (like to various pop-up testing stations), we include lifting rings on the roof of each building for easy loading and unloading to each location, and forklift slots are an option.

Does Little Buildings make different sizes?  Yes!  Each swab test booth starts from scratch, so we can build exactly what you need, including fully enclosed models with heat, light, doors, and signage! If you have an indoor testing facility, no problem – our buildings can be made for both indoor and outdoor use. All-in-all, your little building will come completely assembled and ready to transport wherever you need!

Contact the galvanized steel testing station experts at Little Buildings, Inc. to discuss your individual requirements!  Some options may be shown above, so it’s best to give us a call to find out more!  Little Buildings, Inc. reserves the right to change and improve a building features and designs at any time.  Shop drawings will be provided for final approval after an order.

Our no-nonsense approach to manufacturing – complete with multiple stage inspection points and quality materials – assures that you get the best Little Building on the planet! 

To receive additional information on our featured virus testing booths or test swab booths, or another kind of guard buildings, security houses, or portable shacks, please email us by clicking here, or call one of our representatives toll-free at 1-888-55-BOOTH (1-586-229-1879).

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