Ticket Booth 2 Window

Two Window ticket booth that can be relocated to different venues as needed!

Model #56TKT


New sales only - no rentals

Ticket Booth 2 window - move it from venue to venue or keep at a specific location. Tennis courts one weekend, soccer field for playoffs the next, track and track & field events after that!  Instant additional ticket windows to handle the crowds for the "big rivalry".  Little Buildings allows you the flexibility of servicing many venues with just one investment! Available locking cash drawers, exterior lighting, portable generators, air conditioning, signage and drop safes.  Forklift slots make this ticket booth extremely portable.

Add vent windows or air conditioning for all-season comfort in your ticket booth. Factory assembled with galvanized steel this unit will provide years of trouble-free service and security for your cash collections. Little Buildings ticket booths offers optional data and phone outlets and raceways for communications, security, and credit card transactions.  Order a standard model Little Buildings ticket booth or customize any of our units to blend in with existing architecture or themes.  The door can be located on either side or in the rear of the building.  Shipped completely assembled-ready to set, connect, and use!

Contact Little Buildings knowledgeable sales staff to discuss your exact ticket booth needs, we will help you through each step of the design and purchase process.  Call Little Buildings Inc toll-free at 1-888-55-BOOTH or fill in the form below for more information or a quotation.  

Some optional equipment may be shown.  New buildings sales only, no rentals.  Ticket booths for sale.  We are the manufacturer.  

Need A Portable Box Office?

Model #56TKT Put the door on either side or (standard) in the rear.  We can add shutters, sun shades and outside lights.  Just let us know what you need! 56TKT B
Ticket Booth Cash Drawer with removable tray Ticket Booth Cash Drawer with removable tray
Ticket Booth Cash slot for easy transactions! Ticket Booth Cash slot for easy transactions!
Two Window ticket booth that can be relocated to different venues as needed! ticket booth Model #56tkt 2 window

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