Ticket Booth 4 Window Model #512 UNIV

Ticket Booth Model #512 UNIV

Portable Box office 5' x 12' with Standing Seam Roof

Our top of the line Portable Box office Ticket Booth is the University Series featuring roll-down metal shutters over ticket booth windows to protect them during non-operational hours.  Standing seam metal roof, stainless steel exterior purse shelf, slide up transaction windows, speaker tubes, and swinging steel door with peep hole for more security.  Forklift slots in the base allow the 4 window ticket booth to be readily moved to different venues such as tennis, soccer, baseball, additional football ticket sales, and special events.

The model #512 UNIV ticket booth shown features 4 ticket windows.  Other models are available with from 1 to 8 ticket windows.  Optional phone and data outlets were provided allowing access to central computers and credit card authorization centers. The customer selected our built-in locking cash drawers for ease of transactions.  School colors and standing seam metal roof make this a great addition to the Athletic Complex at this major universitiy in Illinois.

Unit shown has optional exterior lighting at each window as well as floodlighting for the surrounding walking areas. Roof mounted air conditioner helps keep walk areas clear around the entire structure. Every unit can be modified to meet your exact needs. When you are looking for a ticket booth for sale let us show you how we can help solve your ticket sales problems, just click on the "contact" link below and ask us what we can do for you!

Sorry, no rentals or leases available.  Optional equipment may be shown.

Why Ticket Booths Are Useful

Electronic Speaker tube is optional and works great with bullet resistant glass Electronic Speaker tube optional
Ticket Booth 4 Window
Ticket Booth 4 window with heavy duty galvanized steel shutters for security Ticket Booth Model #512 UNIV
Ticket booths can be completed with Data, phone jacks and under counter locking cash drawers. Ticket Booth with Under Counter cash drawer, data/phone outlets

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