Ticket Booth 5'x10' Ovalz

Model #510TKT-OV


When cost is not the most important thought, this ticket booth features no flat sides. Built of welded galvanized steel for maximum durability and low-maintenance this unit stands up to a high-school crowd without any trouble. Units are available in two standard sizes, 4' x 8' (one ticket window) and 5' x 10' (two ticket windows).

Stainless steel shelves on the exterior allow patrons to set down their purse or wallet to get out their revenue stream. Painted black (or your color of choice), one of the school colors, this unit now sits directly in front of the football stadium but can be easily relocated with forklift to the soccer field or tennis courts or wherever your ticket taking happens to be that day.

Shipped completely assembled, wired, and glazed.  Contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff to discuss your particular needs and available options.  We would be happy to hear from you!

Why Ticket Booths Are Useful


Sorry, we do not rent or lease our buildings.  Some optional equipment may be shown.

Model #510TKT-OV
Model #510TKT-OV exterior shelf

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