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Ticket Window Pre assembled

Ever need more ticket windows at your venue but do not know where to buy them?  Maybe you do not have ticket windows yet, just an open window?  You could build them yourself and spend a lot of time looking for parts and finding personnel to put it together, but there is another alternative!  Buy from the experts!  We are the manufacturer.  We can help you get your patrons into your venue faster by providing additional preassembled ticket windows that are ready to use!

Ticket windows to order!  Standard or custom sizes (35" wide x 38" high shown).  Built solid with a welded galvanized steel tubing frame and clear tempered safety glass.  All ticket windows are provided with a stainless steel coin tray, stainless steel shelf inside and out, and an anodized aluminum speak tube.  Choose your color!

Available options include tinted or bullet-resistant glass, bigger shelves, built-in cash drawer, nail fins, electronic speak tubes, tinted glass, roll-down sunshade, and a built-in vent window.  Contact us for a quotation!

LBTW-3538 B
TICKET WINDOW with coin tray and speak tube Ticket Window #LBTW-3538 C

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