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For over 35 years, the owner of Little Buildings, Inc. has been solving the needs of clients in the market for preassembled portable steel buildings.  Some of our products include custom manufacturing guardhouses, valet, parking, toll, ticket and security booths, cashier stations, scale houses, smoking shelters as well as pay-on-foot-shelters.

When you need a new portable steel building for your specific use, you can trust us to preassemble the building here at our factory rather than building it yourself at the site.

We are the experts when it comes to preassembled buildings that can fit on a truck.  Equipped with exceptional customer service representatives and skilled technicians, we can craft your very own Little Building catered to your needs.

Whether the building is for the parking, security, ticketing, transit, or communication industry we can produce a manufactured portable building or prefabricated control booth to meet your expectations.  This allows you to make your Little Building purchase decision with confidence.

While we have many standard designs, most customers order modified versions of our products.  We can also design a totally new structure to fit your budget.  Custom options are available including bullet-resisting guardhouse walls and glazing, doors and transaction windows, HVAC, lighting, and LEEDS components.  Little Buildings are fully assembled and shipped ready for you to set, connect, and use.  You can even order your guardhouse trailer mounted to move about to where you need it.

Bullet-resisting guard houses and ticket booths can be ordered to meet UL752 Level I through VIII or NIJ ballistic requirements.  Our trailer-mounted guardhouses are used by the federal government, military, and commercial institutions due to their rugged and galvanized steel construction.

Many universities and sports arenas use Little Buildings ticket booths and portable box offices to increase ticket revenue.  Little Buildings are built to meet and exceed the architect's specifications and owner's expectations.

Many unique appearance features and options are available in our portable guardhouses to provide that custom guardhouse or portable steel building look including an oval shape, our OVALZ series, round ends, panorama glass-to-glass corners, colonial trim, and other custom elevations.  A variety of our products can be built with a restroom featuring handicapped accommodations.  Call us at 586-229-1879 for a no-obligation price quotation and custom product suggestions to meet your exact project needs.  You can also reach out to us on the contact form.

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