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Control Booth

What can you do if you need a control booth quickly?  Whether your need is for an indoor or outdoor security booth, relocatable in-plant office, rooms for test lab, video monitors, dredge and crusher cabs, and loading dock, control pulpits, loading racks, assembly or robot or access controls, Little Buildings, Inc. can build a prefabricated control booth, also known as prefab control booth, to meet your needs. Little Buildings control booths are all prefabricated, factory-assembled and portable with welded galvanized steel construction.

Should you need special raceways for controls, recess for monitors, blanked out walls, or sound reduction, our control booths can be the simple solution to your problem.  Our control booths are shipped completely set up, ready to set, connect, and use.

What do I get for my money?  These rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing, control booths are built for years of dependable service from welded, galvanized steel tube and panels.  Some of the features include walls and ceiling being fully insulated with fiberglass; clear, tempered safety glass with the option of insulated, tinted, Low E glazing; galvanized flooring with four-way treadplate; and swinging or sliding doors available upon request.  Additionally, your new prefabricated control booth features industry leading, long-lasting polyurethane paint as standard with 100 different choices in colors.

What if our standard control booth does not have the layout you need?  Not to worry… a shop drawing is normally provided to help you lay out the prefabricated control booth to meet your facility and personnel requirements.  Mark up one of our standard drawings or send us your sketch of the layout you need for your control booth.  Since each control booth is built from scratch, not pulled from stock, we can easily rearrange door, window and counter locations to suit a specific arrangement or design concept.

Do your buildings have electric built in?  What are your options? Little Buildings control booths feature a standard electric package that includes fluorescent light with wall switch, GFI wall outlet(s), electric fan forced or baseboard heating, and all wiring to a wall mounted circuit breaker box.

Need an insulated floor for use on a platform or mezzanine?  This is one of many options that we offer on our control booths.  Other control booth options include heat reflective glass, additional doors and optional passage windows, fire extinguishers, dimmable lighting, emergency lighting and sirens, built in heavy-duty shelves or cabinets, tile or anti-fatigue mat flooring.

Have questions about our control booths not answered here?  Contact one of our helpful sales technicians to help you.  Call Little Buildings, Inc. at (586) 210-0969 or fill out contact form by clicking here.  We look forward to discussing your control booth needs!

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