Little Buildings, Inc. keeps you up-to-date on the latest portable buildings for various industries.

Useful Applications for Prefabricated Control Booths

Prefabricated control booths are the premier choice for many different purposes, such as security booths, relocatable in-plant offices, rooms for test labs and health screenings, video monitor booths and assembly booths for plants.

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Guard Shacks with a Restroom

Not only does Little Buildings, Inc. have the answers to all your security needs, we offer a variety of additional features that get the best bang for your buck in your new little building.

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The Essentials of Public Bus Shelters

Good quality bus shelters are essential parts of any urban mass-transit system. From the point of view of the city that manages bus stops, these shelters should require low maintenance and be resistant to vandalism.

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Ticket Booths & Why They Are Useful

Ticket booths are most often used to welcome guests to an event or place of business. First impressions are everything, and a high-quality ticket booth from Little Buildings will surely impress. Installing a ticket booth or ticket sales booth will assure your guests that you prioritize quality in your business.

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Important Benefits of Using a Guard House

As businesses grow and prosper, security on your commercial property becomes an increasingly pressing issue. Instead of taking up real estate in your main building, the experts at Little Buildings, Inc. recommend adding a portable steel building for guards to improve your security measures.

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Product Overview: Portable Box Office 5' x 12' with Standing Seam Roof (#512)

Do you need additional ticket windows or have a venue away from your main ticketing location?  We have a ticket booth for sale just for you!  When you need to get a lot of people in their seats quickly, a ticket booth from Little Buildings, Inc. is your answer.  Our quality assembly practices assure the unit will stand up to years of rugged, demanding service.

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