Discover the Benefits of Prefabricated Guard Booths

Discover the Benefits of Prefabricated Guard Booths

A prefabricated guard booth, also known as a prefab guard booth, security booth, guard house, guard shack, or guard shelter enhances the security of your business premises. These versatile solutions are essential for securing the perimeter and various locations within your property. When considering a guard booth to protect your facilities and employees, it's crucial to understand the numerous benefits of choosing a prefab guard booth.

  1. Portable and Easy to Relocate
  2. Customizable and Flexible
  3. Cost-and-Time Effective
  4. Fully Assembled and Ready to Use

portable prefab guard booth

One of the key benefits of a prefabricated guard booth is its ease of relocation. These portable guard booths can be quickly moved from one place to another using trailers and forklifts. This flexibility in a guard house is especially useful for businesses or facilities that need quick deployments or frequently changing site access points, such as airports and commercial spaces.

Our prefabricated guard booths can be ordered as standard or customized units. This flexibility allows your facility to expand easily. For example, you can add security options such as bullet-resistant features or a restroom to your prefab guard house, enhancing the comfort and security of your personnel.

A prefab guard shack offers quicker on-site setup times and can save you more money compared to traditional site-built construction. Since prefabricated guard booths are factory-assembled, they eliminate most of the downtime and interruptions caused by weather-dependent site-built construction. Traditional construction also often incurs additional costs such as architectural fees, engineering fees, and machinery rentals. Therefore, pre-assembled, prefabricated construction is often more time-and-cost effective than stick-built construction.

Our prefabricated guard security booths are delivered fully assembled to your location on a flatbed truck. Typically, the booth is off-loaded with a forklift, but larger-sized security booths, also known as guardhouses or guard buildings, may require a crane for off-loading. Once off-loaded, the guard booth is set into place, leveled, anchored to a concrete slab with expansion bolts, and then connected to the electrical service panel for immediate use.

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