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Little Buildings, Inc. produces factory assembled cashier booths available as standard models, or we can custom build our product to fit your needs at a competitive price.

We have portable steel cashier booths for sale of all shapes and sizes.  While there is no such thing as a “bulletproof cashier booth”, we do offer bulletproof cashier booths that can resist the most common weapons listed by Underwriters Laboratories 752 (ask your sales consultant for a copy of the UL threat levels).

You can trust our portable steel cashier booths will come assembled with the best quality in materials. Here are some of the items that come standard on your new cashier booth:

  • Welded, Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Clear, Tempered Glass Safety Windows
  • Cashier Window
  • Sliding Aluminum Door
  • Work Counter with Storage Drawer
  • Four-Inch Elevated Base
  • Treadplate Floor
  • Insulated Walls and Ceilings
  • Long-Lasting, Two-Part Polyurethane Paint with 100 Color Selections

Some of our standard electrical features on your new cashier booth include:

  • Electrical Outlet with Ground Fault Protection
  • Fluorescent Light with Diffuser Lens and Wall Switch
  • Wall-Mounted Circuit Breaker Box with Main Disconnect
  • Wall-Mounted Electric Heater with Integral Thermostat

In addition to the features standard to your new cashier booth, we offer the following optional features:

  • Locking Cash Drawers
  • Additional Cashier Windows in Doors or Walls
  • Sliding Steel Door
  • Blank Out Window Areas for Equipment Mounting
  • Floor Safes
  • Anti-Fatigue Mat or Rubber Tile Flooring
  • Roof- or Wall-Mounted HVAC Units
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Surge Suppressors for Sensitive Parking or Revenue Equipment
  • Dimming or Task Lighting for Extended Night Operations
  • & So Many More!

Portable steel cashier booths from Little Buildings, Inc. can be ordered in the Colonial Series© (recessed panels, standing seam roof) or Panorama Series© (glass to glass corners) as well as with ready to brick exteriors.

If you are looking for a cashier booth for sale, or should you already have a sketch of your security booth requirements, give us a call to set up an appointment at (586) 210-0969, or you can email it to us by filling out our contact form to request a quote.

Little Buildings, Inc. reserves the right to improve or modify its products without notice.  Photographs shown may show optional equipment and features not included on standard building.  Please request a sketch for approval when ordering your new Little Building cashier booth, or portable steel cashier booth.

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