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A Little Buildings guard house, also known as a guardhouse, provides the most durable, long-lasting, welded galvanized portable steel guard buildings. Little Buildings, Inc. has the answer to many of your security needs.  We make our guard houses or guardhouses for a variety of purposes: guard booths, security booths, guard shelters, control booths, ticket stations, and more to suit whatever it is you need.  It will ship directly from the factory totally assembled, ready to set and use.  Whether you call it a guard house, guardhouse, guard booth, mobile guard shack or security booth, we have the solution for you and your business.

We have experienced sales staff ready to answer all your questions about your custom guard house options.  You may have questions regarding custom modifications, special applications including bullet resistant guard houses, and restroom additions, and more.  Our mobile guard shacks and prefabricated control booths are the highest quality on the market, yet still are very competitively priced.

Our galvanized steel guard houses are built with MIG-welded unitized frames and panels assured to withstand years of rugged use.  While competitors may offer a guard house the same size, they may be constructed from press board that don’t nearly provide as much durability as our products.  We don't compromise on quality workmanship and materials in our prefabricated guard houses.  This means you get the best guard house for the buck!

Since each guard house starts from scratch, we can relocate doors and counters, and eliminate windows from standard locations and include built-in counters, equipment cabinets, computer and video mounts to suit the needs of your business.

Should you already have a sketch of your guard house requirements, give us a call to set up an appointment at 1-888-55-BOOTH, or you can email it to us by filling out our contact form to request a quote.

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