Elevated Guard Houses and Stand-Mounted Parking Booths

Little Buildings get you above vehicles and other site line blockages so you can oversee parking lots or other secured areas.  Your guard shack with stand or parking booth with stand can be ordered with elevations of 1' up to 8'- you choose based on your needs!

Below is the list of the standard features on your new stand-mounted booth:

  • Aluminum threshold
  • Built-in work counter with storage drawer
  • Clear, tempered safety glass windows
  • Insulated walls, floor, and ceiling
  • Maximum security laminated hook bolt door lock
  • Overhead track with heavy duty ball bearing hangers
  • Sliding aluminum door with glazing
  • Tread plate steel floor
  • Weather-stripping
  • Welded galvanized steel construction

Are all little buildings the same?  Not all manufacturers offer this quality material and standard features in their stand mounted elevated guard house.  You may find a slightly cheaper price, but you will not be as satisfied as you will with a new guard house with platform from us.  Make sure your purchase is one that everyone will be happy with.  At Little Buildings, Inc., the quality is built into your new elevated guard house before the name tag goes on!

The stand itself features galvanized steel grip strut open-tread steps and porch helping to provide improved footing in most weather, tube handrails on steps and porch, anchor pads with bolt holes, toe guard, and black enamel finish paint.  Stand and steps are shipped unattached from the elevated guard shack. No on-site work by Little Buildings, Inc.  Site work must be by others and is not included.  The stand must be properly anchored to your concrete foundation before bolting your new guard shack Stand mounted on top.  Mounting bolts to secure the elevated guard house to the stand are included.

The options for a stand-mounted guard shack from Little Buildings, Inc. includes:

  • Anti-fatigue mat flooring
  • Dimmable interior lights
  • Exterior floodlights
  • Include roll-down
  • Mylar sunshades
  • Strobe light and warning sirens
  • Surge protected outlets for sensitive equipment
  • Tinted and insulated glazing

Each Little Building starts from scratch so we can easily change the elevated guard booth floor plan, door location, blank out windows, etc.  Other raised guard house options include CCTV mounting racks, empty conduit runs for communication and gate controls, wall or roof mounted air conditioners.  Need additional features?  Choose from a number of standard and custom items including enclosed frame with access door, larger porch area, or contact us and tell us what you want.  You can also see additional options on our options page.

Shop drawings will be provided for approval after order received.  Little Buildings, Inc. reserves the right to make changes and improvements without notice.

Contact the portable bathroom experts Little Buildings, Inc. to discuss your individual requirements!  Some options may be shown above, so it’s best to give us a call to find out more!  Little Buildings, Inc. reserves the right to change and improve a building features and designs at any time.  Shop drawings will be provided for final approval after an order.

Our no-nonsense approach to manufacturing – complete with multiple stage inspection points and quality materials – assures that you get the best Little Building on the planet!  To receive additional information on our featured guard shacks with restrooms, please email us by clicking here or call one of our representatives toll-free at 1-888-55-BOOTH (1-586-229-1879).

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