Bullet-Resistant Guard Shacks Improves Security Measures

Bullet-Resistant Guard Shacks Improves Security Measures

The old saying “better safe than sorry” may be a more appropriate saying today than ever before.  With heightened security risks and concerns for theft and other crimes in mind, now is the time for you and your business to consider giving some thought to the question, “Do I need bullet resistance for my guard shack?”

To try and answer that question means you will need to assess the risks of your business and how applicable this feature may be.  For example, law enforcement is more likely to encounter gun violence than a clerk at a grocery store.  There are extra precautions and safety protocols, consistently ensuring the safety of those working in risky environments.  If your business encounters a lot of people and passersby on a daily basis, this extra security measure may be necessary.

Now, we don’t want to confuse you with the term “bulletproof.”  This particular term can be interchanged with the term “bullet-resistant,” but it is generally not the same concept.  Ultimately, “bulletproof” is a term that can often be misleading, as even the sturdiest of metal buildings do not have complete resistance to high-speed bullets.

Bullet-resistant buildings will act against various types of weapons, and they do an exceptional job of keeping people safe from an attack.  When you find a little building manufacturer that only uses the best products and materials, you can rest assure a bullet-resistant building is going to protect your security guards, parking attendants, and more.

Our bullet-resisting guard shacks have been used by all branches of the U.S. military as well as professional sports teams, pharmaceutical brands, courthouses, and more.  Choose one of our standard bullet-resisting guard shacks, or customize your new little building to fit the needs of your property, including specific designs and measurements.  Level III bullet-resisting guard shacks are our most popular model sold, but we also manufacture Level VIII buildings for high-security government, utility, and private installations.

Many levels of bullet-resistant guard shacks are available from U.L. 752 Level III through U.L. Level VIII.  Additionally, our portable steel buildings can be built to meet NIJ bullet-resistant parameters.  Our most popular is our Level III guard shack.  Add a built-in restroom for full-time installations.  Contact one of our friendly representatives to request bullet-resistant threat levels for reference!

Additionally, check out some of the things that come standard with your new bullet-resistant little building:

•        Ballistic glazing

•        Three-inch canopy overhang

•        Four-inch elevated base

•        Steel counter with storage drawer

•        Insulated ceiling and walls

•        Treadplate flooring

•        Anchor tabs

•        Lifting rings installed on the roof

•        L.E.D. lighting with lens and wall switch

•        Electrical outlet with GFI protection

•        Wall-mounted electric heater with fan and integral thermostat

•        Wall-mounted circuit breaker box with the main disconnect

Little Buildings, Inc.: The Best Little Buildings on the Planet!

Little Buildings, Inc. has over 40 years of experience designing and building a guard shack or guard house, a portable steel testing booth, a portable ticket booth, a smoking booth, bus shelters or other prefabricated shelters, COVID screening booths, and more with only the best materials available.

Our products are manufactured in our U.S. plant and shipped all over the world.  When you choose Little Buildings, you can be confident that you will be receiving the best quality known to the market!

Should you already have a sketch of your guard booth requirements, give us a call to set up an appointment at 1 (888) 55-BOOTH, or you can email it to us by filling out our contact form to request a quote.

Little Buildings, Inc. reserves the right to modify or improve models and features without notice.  Photographs may include features and equipment that are optional extras.  A sketch of the building will be provided for approval.

At this time, we do not rent or lease our guard shacks and guard booths.  If you would be interested in purchasing a control booth from Little Buildings, Inc., please give us a call for more information.  We would be more than happy to send you rental referrals in your area when we get them!

For more information about threat levels and to see the full table, visit our documents page.