Important Benefits of Using a Guard House

Important Benefits of Using a Guard House

As businesses grow and prosper, security on your commercial property becomes an increasingly pressing issue.  Instead of taking up real estate in your main building, the experts at Little Buildings, Inc. recommend adding a portable steel building for guards to improve your security measures.

There is a vast market of guardhouses for sale all over the internet.  So, how can you tell which one will be the most suitable for you?  If you are looking for fully assembled shelters that will provide you with years of service with low maintenance and the ability to hold up to tough use, you have come to the right place!

The most beneficial part of a guard house is the enhanced security.  Precisely, simply having a portable guard house on your property can help detract potential criminal activities.  Your staff will feel safer around the property considering the heightened level of surveillance.

Portability is an essential component to many businesses today, as well.  All pre-assembled modular buildings that we assemble are portable.  This gives you the flexibility to move the building should your needs or security protocols change.

A modular guard house can also be added permanently to your main building.  Our pre-assembled buildings can be easily placed inside of a plant or warehouse.  It is easy enough to place your new guard house in most areas.  If you need help with discovering the best location to put a guard house, please let us know!

The quality galvanized steel guard houses we offer at Little Buildings come standard with the following features:

  • Sliding, Anodized Aluminum Door
  • Work Counter with Storage Drawer
  • Treadplate Galvanized Steel Floor
  • Four-Inch Elevated Base
  • Three-Inch Canopy Overhang
  • Insulated Walls and Ceiling
  • Tinted, Insulated and Low-E Safety Glass
  • Anchor Clips Welded to Base
  • Two-Part Polyurethane Paint for a Long-Lasting Finish
  • 100 Different Color Selections

Some of the standard electrical features included in your new guard house include:

  • Energy-Saving Ceiling-Mounted L.E.D. Light with Wall-Mounted Switch
  • Wall-Mounted Heater with Thermostat
  • Electrical Outlet (GFI Type)
  • All Wiring in EMT per National Electric Code (NEC) Standards
  • and a Wall-Mounted Circuit Breaker Box with Main Disconnect

Order air conditioner-heater combo and tinted glass for year-round comfort for your guard building from Little Buildings!

Little Buildings, Inc.: The Best Little Buildings on the Planet!

Little Buildings, Inc. has over 40 years of experience designing and building guardhouses with only the best materials.  Our products are manufactured in our U.S. plant and shipped all over the world.  When you choose Little Buildings, you can be confident that you will be receiving the best quality known to the market!

You can trust Little Buildings and our quality manufacturing and design techniques to bring the best solutions at a fair price for our clients.  You can be assured that you will get a portable steel security building fit for all your business needs.

We proudly feature our expertly assembled buildings with welded, premium galvanized steel for long-lasting service.  Whether you need a parking booth, a guard shack or security houseticket boothsmoking shelter or others like this, please refer to our specific pull-down product pages, or click on one of the pictures above for more information!

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